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Michael Richard Koster is an artist who is passionate about creating beautiful music as well as interior design, paintings, and multimedia content. Michael’s goal is always to express beauty, goodness, and truth through his artwork. He strives to raise the vibration of the planet through his creations. His belief is that every positive thought, feeling, word, and deed contributes to the upliftment of all living organisms and their inorganic surroundings on earth.

Michael has a M.S. in applied psychology as well as a minor in musical composition and theory from Montana State University. He also studied dance and choreography at Santa Barbra City College where he finished an associative arts degree in liberal studies.

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Michael is a devotee of the Will of God and a student of the mystical path seeking direct experience with the Divine. He has been a member of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity since 1984 and lived in a monastic community at The Royal Teton Ranch for eighteen years.

In 1994, he met his wife Mayela at the ranch, and they soon married. They raised two beautiful boys and continue to work on music and art together.

On October 22nd, 2020, Michael suffered major heart failure which required an emergency heart transplant. Many miracles transpired (see Michael’s blog) and he was able to receive a new heart on November 3rd, 2020.

Michael had numerous spiritual experiences during this time, but one thing in particular became abundantly clear, he needed to publish the music he had been working on before he left earth and so, the mission began in earnest, to compose, create, and communicate beautiful, positive, and uplifting art.

This website was created as a platform to share that artwork with the world. Michael also loves to collaborate with people who share his vision. If you would like to participate in this mission, please consider becoming a member of this website. You will find more information on the membership page on how you can contribute.

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession Far far away, behind the word mountains. Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black, and the hillside.

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