Renaissance School of Guitar

Guitar lessons available from ages 4 to adult

The Renaissance School of Guitar is a classically based program that uses the Suzuki guitar method as it’s foundational approach. Michael Koster trained in classical guitar at Montana State University in the program that was founded by Christopher Parkening. Michael completed a minor in composition and theory and a masters in applied psychology. He studied Suzuki Guitar under Frank Longay and is a certified Suzuki guitar instructor. Frank was one of the original co-founders of the Suzuki guitar method.

Suzuki Philosophy

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki based his method of teaching music on the similarity of children’s innate ability to learn a language, called the “Mother Tongue” approach. The child begins the learning process at a very young age and is exposed to the recorded repertoire repeatedly before formal lessons. The parent-child relationship is crucial in this process as the parent introduces the basics of the instrument and supports the child by creating a positive environment and correcting proper posture and hand placement. In addition to lessons, it is encouraged for the student to perform their current piece of music in multiple settings around friends and family to foster a positive environment and incentivize them to focus on detail and finalize the piece. They are also encouraged to observe fellow students’ lessons to gain new perspective on the music and be exposed to more advanced pieces. The books are carefully sequenced and contain high quality pieces of music, each adding onto the next. For this purpose, it is important to completely master each piece before moving on. Building a repertoire by memorizing and continuing to review older pieces of music is also strongly encouraged. Dr. Suzuki’s goal was to enrich a child’s life through music. Training in music fosters the following benefits listed below.
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The Value Of Musical Training

Personal Discipline

Music and the Brain



Sense Of Accomplishment and Self Esteem

Social awareness

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